Who is the customer?
The owner of a website, blog, forum, or online store ordering comments. Can be either an individual or a legal entity.
Who is the author?
A registered user of the system who writes comments and gets a fee for it. An individual.
What is a project?
A project is a task for performers created by the customer. The project contains all necessary information for the author.
What is the minimum amount for depositing and withdrawing funds?
The minimum amount for depositing is 2 UAH. For withdrawing - 1000 UAH.
Is there an affiliate program in the system?
You get 20% of our income from attracted customers and 10% of our income from authors. Your referral link is available in the 'affiliate program' section. Money is credited to your account after the customer approves the work.
What is the author's rank?
The author's rank is calculated based on the number of written comments and the uniqueness of the text. The higher your rank, the more projects are available to you.
I have a question / suggestion / wish, where can I apply?
If you are registered in the system, we recommend contacting us via the ticket system. You can also write through the 'contacts' section.
Does the system charge a commission?
The system holds a percentage of the cost of work, part of which goes towards the payment of referral rewards. The commission is charged when paying the author's fee.
Why don't I have access to private messages?
The customer must have at least 1 work paid for, and the author must pass an exam or have 20 paid works to access private messages
I don't want to receive private messages, can I disable them?
You can disable PM in account settings. You can block messages from a specific user on the blacklist.
How is the uniqueness of the text checked?
Uniqueness is checked using a special service via API.
How to delete an account?
Accounts are not deleted from the exchange. This is done to prevent an attempt to retake the exam.
I don't have time for creating projects, do you have a "carefree" service?
We have a "Personal Manager" service. This is exactly what you need.
What method can I use to top up my account?
Any Ukrainian bank card or cryptocurrencies.
How much does one comment cost?
The price of one comment depends on the selected tariff. The minimum cost is 2 UAH.
What languages does the exchange support?
Comments can be ordered in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
Do I need to copy comments to my site?
No. The authors post the comment on your site and in the project for verification.
What to do if the comment is not on the site?
You need to check your site's "spam" or "pre-moderation of comments" section, if activated. If the comment is not found on the site - do not pay for it. You can ban the author from commenting on the current or all your projects.
I topped up the project for 20 works, will I be able to cancel the order and return the funds if necessary?
Yes, you can return paid works to your balance, minus works that have come to you for review and are already in progress.
Can I change the tariff in the already created project?
You can change the tariff when paid comments are finished and pending applications are checked.
Can I suspend the placement of comments?
Yes, you can suspend the project and start it when necessary.
Can I limit the number of jobs per day?
Yes, in the project settings you can set a limit on the number of jobs per day.
I need comments only on 1 article, not the entire site.
You can specify a link either to the entire site or to a specific page.
I'm not satisfied with the comments of a particular author, what to do?
When refusing to pay for a comment, you can ban a particular author from commenting on all your projects or just selected ones. You can also add the author to the blacklist and edit the entire list in the "settings" section.
Can I limit the number of comments from one author?
In the project settings, you can set a limit on the number of comments from one author per day.
Why do we need teams of authors?
You will be able to grant access to your projects to certain authors. For example, you can create teams "Forex Forum Filling", "SEO Forum Filling" and add authors who will work on these projects. You can add one author to a group, and then the specified project will be executed by only one liked author. In the project settings, specify for which team access will be open, the project will not be available to other authors. When topping up the project balance, the team of authors receives a notification by mail.
I need comments only during the day, can I restrict by time?
In the project settings, you can set a period of time during which the project will be available to authors.
I want to receive comments gradually throughout the day. Is that possible?
You can set a limit on comments per hour, thereby distributing them gradually throughout the day.
Why do we need project groups?
Groups are needed for convenient separation of projects. For example, you can create groups "Blogs", "Forums" and divide projects into them. You can create subgroups.
What is premoderation of comments?
Comments are published after your approval. The author sends you a comment for verification, if you accept it, then the author posts the comment on the site. Then the comment comes back to you for review, and you, having made sure of its presence on the site, pay for the work. We recommend setting the minimum allowance, premoderation is additional actions for the authors.
What is an allowance to the author for 1 comment?
If you have a complex topic or comments in English, you can increase the payment to performers to make them more interested in performing your project.
Do the counters of the sites fix transition from the exchange?
The site counters do not fix the transition from our exchange. All links on the exchange go through a special pad that cuts off the referrer (source of the transition).
Who adds comments? Are the IPs different?
The authors themselves add comments, so the IP addresses are different.
What is an exam for the author and why should I take it?

Before you are allowed to write comments, you need to pass an exam. This will help us weed out illiterate authors, which in turn will raise the quality of comments in the system and the flow of orders for you.

How long to wait for the exam check?

The exam review takes on average 7 days.

What to do if the customer does not pay for the comment?

The customer has 3 days to check the comment. At the end of this period, the comment will be automatically accepted.

The customer rejected my comment without a valid reason, what to do?

If a comment is rejected without a valid reason, you can lodge a complaint with the project. The administration will check the customer's actions. You can also add the customer to a blacklist. The list can be edited in the "Settings" section.

How quickly can I get the money ordered for withdrawal?

Usually within a day on workdays. In extreme cases, up to 3 working days.

How much time is there to write one comment?

After studying the project, you press the "start" button, from this point you have from 25 to 120 minutes to write one comment. During this time, 1 comment in the project limit will be reserved for you. The allocated time depends on the size of the necessary comment.

Can I start writing a comment and then find out that the project is already completed?

This option is excluded. When you press "start", a comment in the project limit is reserved for you for 120 minutes.

I received a notification on my email that I was added to the authors' team. What's next?

The customer can assign a team to carry out the project. This project will be available only to authors who belong to the team. It is recommended to do personalized projects first.

I already have the necessary number of comments to move to the next rank and the required uniqueness, why isn't the rank increasing?

Please note that reposts are not counted. The transition to the next rank takes place automatically.

Through which systems can I withdraw funds?

Funds withdrawal is available to Visa/Mastercard.

I see more rejected works than what is stated in my statistics. Why?

Authors do not have rejected works from repost, likes, and subscription projects counted.

I started the project, but I didn't have time to finish / withdrew from the project. What will happen?

Another author will start the project. There are no penalties for this. You may re-join the project after 5 minutes.


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