Rules for working with the exchange


1.1 - Marketplace for comments and social promotion. Hereinafter referred to as "exchange".

1.2 Customer - a person or organization placing orders on the exchange.

1.3 The author is the executor who performs the tasks of the customers.

1.4 Project is a task of the customer, which contains all the necessary requirements.

1.5 Work - completed and submitted by the author for verification the customer`s task.

1.6 Administration - exchange employees who provide technical support, control the level of training of performers, moderation of projects. Disputes arising between the author and the customer are resolved by the administration, guided by these rules.

1.7 Repost - publication of the customer`s record on his wall in the social network with a link to the source. Like is not put.

1.8 Like - "I like", "like" or +1, intended for social networks. It is used to express the attitude of users to a particular content. No repost is made.

1.9 Repost + Like - the post of the customer is published on his wall in the social network, plus a "like" is put on this post on the wall of the Customer.

1.10 Account - a collection of data that form the account of a specific user. There is an "account" on the exchange, there is an "account" on a social network.

Customer rights

2.1 Provide a clear assignment for authors regarding the content of comments.

2.2 Do not pay for work if the author did not adhere to the requirements for the project, which were written in it.

2.3 Prevent a specific author from running their projects by adding them to the blacklist.

2.4 Create personal projects for a group of authors.

2.5 Contact Support to speed up project moderation.

2.6 The customer has the right to ask the author to accompany the repost with a few words from himself.

Author rights

3.1 Execute projects and receive payment for them at the rate set in a specific project.

3.2 Submit a complaint against the customer within 15 days from the moment he checks the work performed.

3.3 Receive remuneration for work that has been approved by the client.

3.4 Withdraw the earned funds when the minimum amount of 100 rubles is reached. It is not allowed to top up the balance to set the minimum withdrawal amount.

3.5 After successfully passing the exam, access to the project type "Comments, feedback and forum content" is opened.

3.6 Change payment details for payments when more than 300 jobs are completed and no earlier than 60 days after the exam is checked. The first time the details are set without restrictions. Before passing the exam, no changes will be made to the details already specified.

Права администрации

4.1 Block access to the customer`s section in case of violation of the rules established by the exchange, as well as for advertising sites that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is unacceptable to use tariffs that do not correspond to the real assignment for the project.

4.2 Block access to the author`s section in case of writing comments with errors, non-unique texts, systematic non-fulfillment of project requirements, deleting ahead of time a repost / like, unsubscribing ahead of time.

4.3 Block the account if the rules of the exchange are violated and the customer`s reputation is reduced.

4.4 The administration has the right to deprive the author of the rank if he makes a large number of mistakes in his works, if no violations are noticed behind him during the implementation of other projects.

4.5 The administration has the right to downgrade the author`s rank for lack of attention to the work (by two ranks).

4.6 Block projects if the exchange rules are violated or the wrong tariff is selected.

4.7 Block user access to personal correspondence if he violates the rules of communication on the exchange, namely: advertises third-party resources, offends other users or discusses writing comments bypassing the exchange, for transferring personal data.

4.8 Block user access to correspondence with the administration if he behaves incorrectly, offends other users and employees.

4.9 The administration does not return money that has already been spent to pay for the work and was completed by the authors in accordance with the terms of the project.

4.10 Make changes to the rules, while notifying the users of the system.

4.11 Adjust tariffs.

4.12 Terminate cooperation with the author / customer by paying all the account balances, provided that no fraudulent activity has been noticed with the user. Account verification period is on average 5-7 days. Payment is due 21 days after the last job has been completed.

4.13 Collect fines from authors according to the table of fines.

4.14 Pay for the work of the authors, if, after the rejection of the work, the customer has not removed the text from the site.

Obligations of the customer

5.1 Add your own and workable sites to work.

5.2 Provide clear directions for commenting to authors.

5.3 Initially set the correct limits for project activity when creating a project in the "Limitations" tab.

5.4 Be honest when checking completed work.

5.5 Remove comments from the site if they are rejected in the system.

5.6 Select the correct tariff for the project using the page how to select a tariff. If you have any questions, promptly ask them to Support -

5.7 Check that the same reference is specified in different places in the project. For example, in the first tab and in the Pages tab when creating a project.

5.8 Before paying for the work, the customer must, within the time allotted for verification, independently check the performance of the work by the performers. Claims for work that were not checked on time and were eventually automatically paid by the system are not accepted for consideration. If the Customer has difficulties with verification or other questions, he can use the service of the Personal Manager -

5.9 It is forbidden to require more characters in the comment than indicated in the selected tariff. If an additional number of characters is required, the customer undertakes to set a surcharge of 1 RUB. for an additional 50 characters.

5.10 If the site requires activation of an account or confirmation of a review / comment by phone number, then the customer undertakes to indicate this in the task and set a surcharge of 10 rubles to the tariff.

5.11 It is forbidden to create projects affecting geopolitical topics.

5.12 To request a screenshot of the work performed, the Customer undertakes to use the appropriate option in the project settings.

5.13 It is forbidden to order negative reviews and ratings in order to deteriorate the reputation of third parties. For violation of this clause, the profiles of customers and authors on the exchange are blocked, and all information on these profiles is transferred to the appropriate authorities to initiate legal proceedings.

5.14 It is forbidden to create projects with registrations by referral links, it is forbidden to advertise third-party resources, to offend users.

5.15 It is forbidden to create projects for posting reviews on the tripadvisor site, the exchange does not work with this site.

5.16 It is forbidden to indicate encrypted links in projects.

5.17 It is forbidden to indicate personal data in the task for the project.

5.18 It is forbidden to contact authors outside the exchange and discuss the performance of work bypassing the exchange.

5.19 It is forbidden to pay for the work of authors directly bypassing the exchange.

Responsibilities of the author

6.1 The author must be listed on the exchange according to his real location.

6.2 The author is obliged to carry out only those projects that relate to his real location, unless otherwise specified in the project. The executor has the right to carry out projects not for his region only with the permission of the customer or in agreement with him.

6.3 The city and country specified in the author`s social network account must match the city and country where the author is located most of the time, according to his real location.

6.4 Add high-quality comments without spelling and punctuation errors, unless otherwise specified in the project assignment. Before doing it, carefully read the entire assignment for the project and follow it clearly.

6.5 It is forbidden to replace the required number of characters with other characters (periods, commas, dashes, etc.).

6.6 The author pays a commission of 10% when calculating bonuses and surcharges from the customer.

6.7 It is forbidden to have more than one account on the exchange. Re-registrations are prohibited. You can take the exam only once. In case of violation, the account with a later registration or the one where the exam was written later will be blocked.

6.8 Information about projects is confidential and prohibited from distribution to third parties. In case of violation, the account will be blocked.

6.9 It is forbidden to create posts, leave comments and give ratings that reduce the reputation of customers. In case of violation, the account will be blocked

6.10 If the specified region of the account does not correspond to the real location, the author must promptly contact the administration to change it.

6.11 It is forbidden to carry out projects to write negative reviews, reviews and actions (complaints, dislikes, etc.) to reduce the reputation of third parties, reviews that offend other people, other views, and so on. The only exceptions are projects where the Customers order the negative for themselves. You can find out in Support on the website:

Responsibilities of the administration

7.1 Monitor system health.

7.2 Pay out the funds available on the balance sheet, subject to the rules of work on the exchange.

7.3 Pay out funds to all users of the exchange within 5 days after creating a withdrawal request, excluding weekends and holidays.

7.4 Provide advice, support for customers and authors -

7.5 Resolve disputes between customers and authors.

7.6 Block the author`s account if it is noticed that it does not comply with the Rules for working on the exchange.

Requirements for customer sites

8.1 The site must have a functional form for adding comments.

8.2 The site must not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

Requirements for work performed

9.1 The posted comments must comply with the instructions of the customer and the requirements of the project, the topic of the site on which they are posted, be meaningful and not contain grammatical errors.

9.2 Comments must not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.3 The number of characters in comments is counted without spaces.

9.4 It is forbidden to delete repost, like, retweet earlier than after 3 weeks.

9.5 It is forbidden to unsubscribe earlier than after 3 weeks.

9.6 It is forbidden to delete paid reviews and comments.

9.7 Social media accounts must comply with the customer`s requirements and the real location of the author.

9.8 It is forbidden to perform more than one repost per page in the social network, unless otherwise specified in the project.

9.9 You cannot subscribe to one group using one social network account several times. It is forbidden to make several likes, reposts from the same profile in the social network to one post.

9.10 It is forbidden to make edits to the customer`s link or the link to your social account. network to submit the work for review.

9.11 You cannot send links and other information that is not related to the assignment for the project.

9.12 It is forbidden to perform work using third-party accounts. All accounts that you use in your work must belong to you personally and correspond to your real location. Use accounts of moms, grandmothers, grandfathers, neighbors, etc. it is prohibited on the stock exchange.

9.13 It is forbidden to use the same social network account or any other account in the works of different exchange executors. This violation will block both accounts.

Requirements for private messages

10 .1 It is forbidden to advertise third-party resources, offend users, exchange contact information and discuss writing comments bypassing the exchange.


11 .1 The exchange and the administration are not responsible for lost profits and any indirect losses incurred by customers or authors during the period of using the exchange.

11 .2 The exchange and the administration are not responsible for the websites of customers, for the damage caused by their actions (personally or by another person under his network details) to the person or property of citizens, legal entities, the state or the moral principles of society.

11 .3 The administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties in the account of the customer or the author who gained access to the account through the fault of the customer / author.

Date of the last rule change: October 2, 2019 (clause 5.13)


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