Personal manager

Don`t have time to create projects, check results, communicate with authors? Order the "Personal Manager" service, and you will be provided with a qualified specialist who will do all the work for you.

You just have to replenish your balance or transfer by direct transfer to our wallet. The number of projects created and works checked is unlimited.

Contact the manager via skype, icq and email. Business hours: Mon-Fri, 10: 00-18: 00, except holidays. If necessary, we will agree on another time, we will try to find the best solution.


— Will advise, give recommendations on promotion and PR.
— Will create projects and formulate tasks for authors.
— Will check the work and send it for revision if necessary.
— Will conduct dialogues with workers.
— Will send you a report on the work done.
— Warn about the end of funds on the balance.
— Activates the VIP project, if necessary, for free.


1. You have a new blog post. You write to the Skype manager, throw off the page, report the budget and terms. Our specialist creates projects for comments of different sizes, for likes and reposts on social networks. After completing the work, the authors check the result, the presence of comments on the specified link and send you a report by mail.

2. The manager visits your site every day, finds new articles and creates projects for them, from 5 to 20 comments to the news, within a few days. Sends a report to the mail once a week.

3. Send by mail a list of links to goods, inform the budget. The manager will distribute funds and create projects for the goods. Upon completion of the work, it will send you a report.

4. You need to increase your activity in the social network group. Our specialist will monitor new entries in the group, order comments, reposts and likes for them according to the budget and volume agreed in advance. If necessary, he will create a project to attract subscribers. Submits a report once a month.

5. For twitter. When a new tweet is posted, the manager will order retweets and gradually increase the number followers.

The cost of the service depends on the amount of work.
To order - contact us via support or contact section.