How to buy comments


First, you need to create a project and specify all the necessary settings and recommendations to the author.

On the customer page, click the create project button.

Next, you will be prompted to select a project type.

After selection, you can create a project. In the assignment, try to describe the requirements for comments more precisely, this will help to get the desired result.

Next to each option, there is a hint, to do this, hover over the? icon. We recommend that you watch them.

The correct rate must be selected, otherwise the project may be suspended by the moderator.

If registration is required on the site - tariff with registration only.

For social networks and for sites where the comment form from social. networks - tariff "Social networks".

For forums - "Filling forums" tariff.

How to choose a rate


All your projects are displayed on the customer page. You can view the progress, start / pause the project, buy additional comments, generate a report on the completed work, change the settings, return the paid work, form a team of authors, view the history of expenses and send the project to the archive.

The column "project data" displays: project status, number of paid comments, requests from authors that need to be checked, comments sent for revision, the number of authors who started work and the number of purchased comments for all time. 1 comment paid, 0 applications from authors, 0 comments under revision and no authors who have joined the project.

Projects can be divided into groups, sorted by different parameters for more convenient information management and viewing.

There are counters above the list of projects, for all projects on the page, by clicking on them, you can pay for all projects at once or check applications for all tasks.


In order for your project to be available to the authors, you need to pay for comments. Click the `pay` button next to the project.

In the pop-up window, indicate how many comments you need. The amount required for this will be calculated immediately. If you do not have enough funds on your balance, you will be prompted to go to the "finance" section and top up your account for the missing amount, to do this, click on the link "→ top up". In the `finance` section, select a deposit method and follow the further instructions.


When you receive comments for review, they will be displayed in the column "project data". Click on the `Requests to Check` button to go to the requests.

Submissions from authors to be verified.

Фото проверки комментариев

You can view information about the author, add it to the blacklist or to the authors team. If the quality of the comment suits you and the author fulfilled your requirements, then you press the "accept" button. In case the author wrote a low-quality comment or did not complete the task, click reject

Скрин отклонения задания

You can reject the comment or send it for revision. For example, the uniqueness of the comment was too low. Then you write to the author: "Increase the uniqueness of the comment" and send it back for revision. The author will have 3 days to fix it. After this time, the comment will be automatically rejected. When the author corrects the comment, it will be sent back for review.

After accepting a comment, it appears in the list of "all purchased" for the project.